Which are the best shoe brands in India? This is the most common question of every fashion lover. A shoe not only depict your personality and status but also a contributor to a healthy lifestyle. There was a time when fashion was limited to a handful of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. But nowadays fashion has become a symbol of personality and status for a common man too. Shoes have become an important part of a man’s and woman’s closet in today’s era. If you want to know the best shoe brands in India, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will discuss the best shoe brands in India.

For years, the Indian footwear industry is known for producing quality and design leather footwear. But with fast-changing fashion trends, a lot of foreign footwear industries have acquired the Indian footwear markets because being a global firm, foreign companies are more prone to the latest fashion trends prevalent worldwide.

According to Indian men’s interest, reviews on e-commerce sites, buying trends, we have shortlisted 9 best shoe brands in India.



1.  WOODLAND (Best shoe brands in India)

Woodland is the best shoe brands in India due to its superior design, durability, and quality of work. Woodland is a Canada based company that entered the Indian footwear market in 1992. It is a subsidiary of a parent company named Aero Groups which was founded in the 1950s in Canada. Aero Group has been a well-known name in the outdoor footwear market. Earlier they exported their products to USSR but after the dissolution of the USSR in 1989 they decide to launch their products in India.

Best shoe brands in India

In starting, they launched hand-stitched leather shoes in India under the brand name Woodland. Their product stormed the Indian footwear market. Today Woodland offers an extensive line of footwear, performance apparel, and outdoor gear. Whether it’s a lightweight shoe for active pursuits or a summit tested heavyweight for the coldest places on earth, their focus is on creating truly functional solutions for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to outdoor adventure or are a seasoned pro, Woodland’s gear keeps you dry and warm for the trails and slopes, wherever you go. This is considered one of the best shoe brands in India.


Best Woodland shoes to buy



2. REEBOK (Best shoe brands in India)

Reebok is an American footwear company that works as a subsidiary of a German-based company, Adidas. Earlier, It was founded in 1895 by James William Foster in England under the name JW Foster & Sons. Later in 1958, Reebok was founded as a companion to this company.  Reebok is considered as one of the best shoe brands in India in sports shoe segments.

Best shoe brands in india

Reebok is a brand that helped usher in a fitness movement that forever changed the way we look at spandex and headbands. They have transitioned from a traditional sports brand to a brand focused on fitness. Reebok offers shoes in the following categories: Men’s, Girls, Women’s, Sports, Boys’ and Classics. They come in a varied price range starting from Rs. 400 and go up to Rs. 9,000. Between the price range of Rs. 2000 – Rs. 3000, you can choose from the models like Reebok Sprint Affect running shoes, Ride Lite running shoes and Reebok Zest. Their affordable shoe range below INR 1000 includes Reebok Athletic Run, Transit Runner and more.

Best reebok shoes to buy



Nike is considered as one of the best shoe brands in India in sports shoe segments. is an American company that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. It was founded in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports which later become Nike inc in 1971. Nike sponsors many high-profile athletes and sports teams around the world, with the highly recognized trademarks of “Just Do It” and the Swoosh logo.

Best shoe brands in india

In 2014 the brand alone was valued at $19 billion, making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses. As of 2019, the Nike brand is valued at $39.6 billion. Nike ranked No. 89 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. 

hey have Multiple kinds of Design, color, and sizes and hence choose the right model according to your preference within budget. For a casual look, they have canvas shoes that are teamed up with a shirt and blue denim for perfect look and feel. Nike offers shoes in various categories like running, golf, snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, soccer, tennis, football, etc.


best Nike shoes to buy


4. PUMA (Best shoe brands in India)

Puma products are known for their comforting style. This brand is one of the shoe brands in India. Puma company is engaged in the development and sale of sports and sports lifestyle products which include footwear, apparel, and accessories. Its brands include puma and cobra golf. The company was founded by Rudolf Dassler on October 1, 1948, and is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Puma logo

Puma has an impressive and versatile collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories. They have collaborated with top designers, including Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan. The motorsports collection includes co-branded sneakers with industry leaders Ferrari and Ducati. And, the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt, endorses the innovative Faas, Puma’s latest, technologically advanced running sneaker.


Best Puma shoes to Buy



5. Adidas

Adidas is one of the best shoe brands in India. Adidas AG is a multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second-largest in the world, after Nike.

Best shoe brands in India

It is Adidas’ goal to be the foremost athletic brand in the world. Therefore, everything they do is rooted in sports. Innovation and quality don’t always go hand in hand, but with Adidas, one doesn’t make sense without the other. Adidas’ motto, “We strive to help you perform your best,” is plainly shown in the quality of their shoes.


Best Adidas Shoes to buy



6. Liberty

Liberty is an Indian origin, footwear manufacturer company. Best quality and design at an affordable price make this company one of the best shoe brands in India. The company headquarters is situated in Karnal, Haryana. It was founded by Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das Gupta and Rajkumar Bansal by the name of Pal Boot House in 1954. The company was incorporated on 3 September 1986 as a Public Limited Company.

Best shoe brands in India

Liberty company presently produces 50,000 pairs of footwear a day through its six manufacturing units, sold through 6,000 multi-brand outlets and 350 exclusive showrooms, and has a presence in 25 countries, with 50 showrooms outside India.

Liberty Footwear has introduced its innovative Liberty Footstylers collection. It is also unveiling a slew of shoes whose price will range between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,500, higher than its other products such as Gliders, Windsor and Senorita.


Best Liberty shoes to Buy



7. Action

Action is one of the best shoe brands in India. Action shoes have many popular sub-brands names under it like Action School Time, Action Eva Flotter, Action Health Plus, Campus and Action Synergy. This brand is producing high-quality products that are affordably priced and are popular among masses and youth for the past three-four decades. It is popular in India for sports footwear and schoolchildren’s footwear.

best shoe brands in India

Action Shoes Private Limited is majorly in shoe Business Services from the last 36 years. It was incorporated in 1984. Their casual shoes include canvas shoes, moccasins, loafers, and even party wear shoes in multiple color options like black, brown, maroon and even white color. They may not be stylishly designed but they have good features that can keep you comfortable throughout the day. They are best suited for all the occasions- formal, casual or semi-formal occasions and shop online to find the right footwear you need. Action Shoes Private Limited is majorly in shoe Business Services from last 36 years.


Best Action Shoes to Buy



8. Lancer

Lancer is an Indian origin, footwear brand known for its best quality, design, and material at a competitive price. This is one of the best shoe brands in India. Footwear design, quality, and customer service are the key pillars of its success which keeps inspiring Lancer Footwear to provide exceptional products with unbeatable value for money.

best shoe brands in India

Lancer was founded in the year 1989 from the passion and knowledge of a great visionary Mr. Subhash Chander Gupta, who spearheads the company’s strategic execution of business goals and exponential growth. Lancer Footwear is headquartered in New Delhi, India with 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across Delhi and Haryana.

Their products include sports shoes, sandals, school shoes, PU slipper, belly, moccasin, canvas, kids range, and air slippers.


Best Lancer shoes to Buy



9. Lotto

Lotto is an Italian sportswear and footwear manufacturer established in 1939. This is a well-known brand that provides best sports footwear to international footballers. It started to export to Indian markets in the 1990s. It provides high-quality products at a very affordable price. Although products are not much stylish and trendy still this is one of the best shoe brands in India due to low cost and high-quality material.

Lotto logo

Lotto today distributes its products in over 110 different countries, through independent sports article stores, specialized chain-stores and large stores with specialized sports departments. Special emphasis is placed on mono-brand stores.


Best lotto shoes to buy 


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