Summer vacation: 7 best things for enjoyment at home

The summer season is better known for the summer vacation. The summer season brings some relaxing and joyful days after tedious and boring classrooms and office days for students as well as job occupants.

During summer vacation people used to visit various tourist places worldwide to celebrate the summer holidays. But this year’s summer vacation period is destroyed by COVID-19 disease. Due to coronavirus pandemic, people are forced to stay at their home.

In the summer season in India kids and youngsters used to attend Summer camps also. But this time no so such summer camp for kids or summer camp activities are allowed.

So, we have shortlisted 7 items for you to enjoy this year’s summer vacation at home. 

1.Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults(6.5 feet)

Get this family lounge pool at home and enjoy a cool summer party at your home with kids and family. This pool is perfect for splash and fun playing. For quick inflation and deflation, two air chambers are provided.
Waterpool-summer vacation enjoyment
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Other best option for swimming pool


2.Watermelon Windmill Slicer (summer vacation enjoyment)

Summers are On and so are watermelons. Get this watermelon windmill slicer at home and enjoy your summer refreshing time. You have to just push the watermelon slicer into the watermelon and watermelon cube will come out automatically.

watermelon slicer

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Other best options for watermelon windmill slicer



3. Personal mini air conditioner

Are you not able to afford an AC  or not able to install an air conditioner on the wall. No problem, this mini AC will keep you cool every time and everywhere. Now you can have your personal cooling device. It cools you exactly where you need it. This is the most efficient evaporative cooler of this type.

mini AC

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Other best option for portable AC


4. Smart waterproof speaker (Enjoy summer vacation party)

Get this summer season this wonderful smart speaker and enjoy a party at your home. Its angled speaker unit contributes to powerful sound pressure across a larger area. Another important feature is in-built multicolored party lights that synchronize with beats.

Sony smart speaker-Enjoy summer vacation party

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This smart speaker is totally waterproof and dustproof. The speaker has an in-built Alexa, Just pair with Alexa and give a command to play your favorite song.


5. PS4 Doom Eternal

What can be more interesting than playing a  PS4 video game this summer vacation? This PS4 Doom arrival is a must-have for videogame lovers to enjoy the summer vacation. Doom Eternal is the direct sequel of the award-winning and best-selling Doom 2016.

doom eternal- enjoy summer vacation

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You will experience the ultimate combination of speed and power with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat

6. Reach dad poor dad(Best book to read in summer vacation)

Use this summer vacation to gain some financial wisdom. The book written by Robert Kyoski effectively describes the thought process of the poor, middle, and reach class which eventually shapes their future.

summer vacation: read rich dead poor dead

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The book will make you learn how to use your money to make money for you. You will come to know what financial freedom is and effectively describe why rich people invest their money whereas poors save their money.


7.Women’s Half Sleeve T-Shirt(summer dress for women)

This combo pack of 2 solid regular fit half sleeve T-shirts is a must-have for every woman this summer. This is a complete value for money. Style it with a pair of denim shorts or skinny jeans and sneakers for an easy-going. casual look.

women regular t-shirts-best for summer vacation

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